So, It Begins

In Audit Rights, Contract Provisions, State-Owned Entities, TWIFCPAVideocast, UK Bribery Act on May 2, 2011 by Howard@OpenAir

A few weeks ago, I was privileged to break bread with the incredible Tom Fox. Part of our discussion involved what our profession has in the way of commentary. With both of us bloggers (which is like saying that my son’s Little League team and the Yankees both play baseball), and with some other tremendously talented people out there like Mike Koehler, Dick Cassin, and Mike Volkov, plus, of course, Tom, we thought that the writing element was well covered.

But a weekly video? That might be interesting. So we both signed up for Skype, and the result is posted below. Please also check out the “Meet Tom and Howard” link above, where you can learn about who Tom and I are, and how to reach us with additional questions. You can also leave a comment, and Tom or I will get back to you.

Every week, Tom and I will get together and talk about the week’s events in FCPA. I will try to post episode notes also. This week, we talk about the UK Bribery Act, and how companies should react; we discuss the Johnson & Johnson deferred prosecution agreement and J&J’s added undertakings; and we discuss the recent challenges to the idea that state-owned entities can be foreign officials. We also talk about what contract provisions should be in every contract, and whether audit rights are a good thing or not.


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