Episode #18

In AML, Chadbourne, Chamber of Commerce, KPMG, News Corp., TWIFCPAVideocast, Wolfsberg Group, WSJ on October 3, 2011 by Howard@OpenAir

Show notes:

  1. Wall St. Journal’s Corruption Currents Turns 1. First word, “scandal,” parent company bores its friends with the video.
  2. Chadbourne serves up some insurance industry information that actually kept me awake.
  3. Wolfsberg Group hits a home run with its anti-corruption guidance.
  4. Open Society Foundations hits a home run with its counterpunch to the Chamber of Commerce.
  5. DOJ concedes an issue, surprising me and Tom. (Not that they would concede in general, just that they gave in here).
  6. We just can’t seem to get away from News Corp. To be fair to us, though, it is everywhere.
  7. KPMG and Dow Jones/ACAMS publish dueling AML surveys with some interesting nuggets for anti-corruption.
  8. It’s a crime, apparently, to be good, and a reporter, at the same time, in Oman.

2 Responses to “Episode #18”

  1. […] They’re back for episode 18 of This Week in FCPA. Howard Sklar and I discuss the 1st year anniversary of Corruption Currents, the Wolfberg Report, the DOJ concession in CCI, KPMG and Dow Jones/ACAMS AML reports, News Corp (of course) and more. Check us out at […]

  2. […] The FCPA Blog has more on preventing touting. Tom Fox asks if the FCPA is working in Latin America. Episode 18 of This Week in FCPA. on a survey about companies “shopping” […]

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