Episode #19

In Chadbourne, Koch Industries, Lindsey, TWIFCPAVideocast on October 17, 2011 by Howard@OpenAir

We tried something new this episode (two things, actually).  First, we have our first guest!  If it didn’t take me a week—yes, a week; damn you, Vodburner—to process this video, you would have had prior notice that the guys that run The Bribery Act are having a super seminar including the SFO and others.  Today.  In fact, it’s over.  Sorry about that.

Second, we’re including a separate section on one particular topic.  This week, it’s a deep dive into gifts and hospitality.  It’s short (under 20 minutes, and we’re going to shoot for 10), so you can watch it at work without too much interference into your day.  Thanks Elie and Lat for that piece of advice.

I think, eventually, I’ll be able to have one full video with the entire episode, plus the breakout.  Today, it’s two videos.

Show Notes:

  1. Our guest! Barry Vitou from Pinsent Masons and the founder of The Bribery Act!
  2. Esquinazi Reply to the Opposition to the Supplemental Brief in Support of the Motion to Dismiss (which has since been denied…stay tuned for episode #20)
  3. Chadbourne’s Quarterly Compliance Report, and Scott Peeler is, simply put, awesome (and we discover that there’s an app for that!)
  4. Schapiro’s reply to Senator Crapo (which we’re pronouncing CRAY-poh out of respect).  Not so timely, but pretty good nonetheless.
  5. Koch Brothers and Bloomberg’s 7,000 word extravaganza
  6. A fruit box?  Really?
  7. OFAC and who “controls” a company.  One director?! Are they serious?!

Plus, the gifts & hospitality breakout, below.

The Episode



Gifts & Hospitality Breakout


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