Episode #21, Plus a Breakout on Audit Rights

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Once again, Tom and I keep our breakout session short (exactly 10 minutes!), and this week it’s on audit rights.  We’ve argued about this before, so this is familiar territory for us.

Show  Notes:

  1. Esquinazi Sentence (14 minutes): starts at 1:40
  2. Avon discloses an SEC investigation (9 1/2 minutes): starts at 15:55
  3. Dadeleh arrest and more on Aloca/Alba (11 1/2 minutes): starts at 25:21
  4. Innospec arrest (4 minutes): starts at 37:42
  5. SEC v. Pillor and individual liability for aiding and abetting (12 minutes): starts at 40:35
  6. Tognum (5 minutes): starts at 52:44
  7. Equitorial Guinea (just a mention)(15 seconds): starts at 57:55

Full episode:

[vimeo w=500&h=400]


————————Breakout Session Below——————————–


Breakout on Audit Rights: total time is 10 minutes even.

[vimeo w=500&h=400]

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