Episode #44

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Show notes:

1:04: Latin America survey, with guests!  Matt Ellis and James Tillen
36:49: Do the Dodd-Frank and Sarbanes Oxley whistleblower protection provisions apply outside the US? Judge Atlas (fellow Tufts University graduate…Go Jumbos!) says no.
48:48: The Attorney General is found in contempt of Congress. Starting with the DOJ’s chain of command for FCPA cases. (@56:59 conflicts, anyone?)
59:48: Roger Clemens was acquitted. Tom goes off on a rant against naps.
1:02:53: SEC’s “obey the law” injunctions are too vague for the 11th Circuit.
1:08:44: Do you have to disclose a Wells Notice? Answer: it depends.
1:14:24: Is a $135 million gift ever appropriate?

One Response to “Episode #44”

  1. […] Tom Fox discovers an active SEC investigations counsel advocating for FCPA reform. The FCPAProfessor rounds up the FCPA enforcement actions from the second quarter; he also now has a Twitter. The FCPAmericas blog delves further into his Latin American corruption survey. Howard Sklar asks who it’s OK to bribe. picks up an Ernst Young survey. Mike Volkov begins a series on best practices when launching an internal probe. This Week in FCPA, episode 44. […]

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