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Episode #16

In Alcatel,Haiti Telecom,ICE,iTunes Podcast,Lindsey,O'Shea,Oracle,State-Owned Entities,TWIFCPAVideocast on September 11, 2011 by Howard@OpenAir

Show Notes:
Not a single technical issue for this one: no multiple-part episode because my system shut down, no nothing.  Just the show.

1. Haiti Telecom: it’s an SOE! No, it’s not! Yes, it is!
2. ICE doesn’t get en banc review. And Howard goes off on a rant against Alcatel-Lucent (and just won’t let it go)
3. Lindsey & O’Shea: the DOJ can’t seem to catch a break.  Tom takes us through the legal issues.
4. Oracle and the entire tech sector

And believe it or not, just that takes over an hour. Plus, Howard admits that he gushed like a little girl when he met the Above the Law guys. You know you would’ve too, admit it.

It’s really good to be back.



Episode #11 of This Week in FCPA

In Africa Sting Case,ICE,Johnson Controls,Opinion Release,TWIFCPAVideocast on July 8, 2011 by Howard@OpenAir

UNFORTUNATELY, THERE IS NO VIDEO UNTIL ABOUT THE 20:00 MINUTE MARK.  Even then, I lost Tom’s video feed, so you only get me. Many apologies for the technical difficulties.  Also, we accidentally recorded the pre-show, so you get a sneak peak behind the scenes of what we sound like (for about 2:28) before we officially start the show.  Lots of technical issues this week, for which I apologize.

You can hear just the audio at

Show notes:
1.  Mistrial!  The Shot Show case
2.  Opinion Release 11-01.
3.  ICE returns!
4.  Australia brings its first case, with some international help
5.  Ministerial resignations: what does this mean for your program
6.  DOJ investigates SEC: the ultimate in inside baseball
7.  Johnson Controls names a new VP-Compliance, their first.  Welcome to the party, pal!


Episode #8 of This Week in FCPA (Video)

In BAE,ICE,TWIFCPAVideocast on June 20, 2011 by Howard@OpenAir

Show Notes:

1.  ICE Appeals denial of “victim” status with in-your-face
2.  Siemens board member gets arrested
3.  Carson back in the news with request to dismiss Travel Act charges
4.  Saab outs BAE
5.  Congress holds a hearing
6.  Dodd-Frank and the Oil & Gas industry
7.  BIS says Turkey is a transshipment point to Iran, and what that means for you


Episode #6 of This Week in FCPA

In EADS,ICE,SEC,TWIFCPAVideocast on June 5, 2011 by Howard@OpenAir

Show notes:

  1. Cheryl Scarboro leaves the SEC for Simpson Thacher
  2. US House of Representatives Judiciary Committee to examine FCPA upgrades
  3. KPMG reports their Global Anti-Bribery and Corruption Survey
  4. ICE loses their bid for victimhood
  5. EADS gets whistleblown.
  6. The US Supreme Court defines “willful blindness”
  7. The SFO won the internecine battle for survival.  Wasn’t Darwin English?
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