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Episode #45

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Show notes:

01:25: Many, many law firm “reports, reviews, alerts” etc. But is enforcement leveling out? And Miller Chevalier? Make a downloadable PDF, please.
08:28: Alcoa, Alba, and a publicized settlement offer
18:02: Chocolates and bribery. That is, the Orthofix case. And we get a full-on Howard rants starting about 28:13. And I get on a roll, and keep on it for a while.
36:55: Former Prime Minister of Israel Olmert acquitted of bribery. Ties into the US, and into the Sands investigation. How would this effect a US investigation?
In the middle of this: Tom leaves, Howard chokes, Tom returns.
41:44: Walmart, facilitation payments, and the (potentially premature) death notice for FCPA reform
42:19 starts the facilitation payments discussion. At 46:23, we start talking about the excellent China Law Blog, and Dan’s post from today. [Tom and I are in total agreement: you need to start reading China Law Blog, if you don’t already.]


Episode #44

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Show notes:

1:04: Latin America survey, with guests!  Matt Ellis and James Tillen
36:49: Do the Dodd-Frank and Sarbanes Oxley whistleblower protection provisions apply outside the US? Judge Atlas (fellow Tufts University graduate…Go Jumbos!) says no.
48:48: The Attorney General is found in contempt of Congress. Starting with the DOJ’s chain of command for FCPA cases. (@56:59 conflicts, anyone?)
59:48: Roger Clemens was acquitted. Tom goes off on a rant against naps.
1:02:53: SEC’s “obey the law” injunctions are too vague for the 11th Circuit.
1:08:44: Do you have to disclose a Wells Notice? Answer: it depends.
1:14:24: Is a $135 million gift ever appropriate?


This Week in FCPA, Episode #15, Part I

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Once again, due to technical issues, I’ve had to split this week’s episode into two parts, of which this is part I.

We talk about:

  1. The Haiti Teleco case (remember that one?)
  2. the JSW allegations
  3. more on Diageo and the Thai government’s new anti-corruption efforts
  4. mid-year reviews (with a polite suggestion to Miller, Chevalier)
  5. the fact that Nicola Hanna is a man (much to my chagrin)
  6. and lots of other interesting topics.


[vimeo w=500&h=400]


Episode #12, Part I

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Apologies for the technical issues last week. They recurred, but I was able to salvage the intact video for part I of episode #12. We’ll post part II Tuesday morning.Show notes:

1. Rehashing the opinion release from last week, with a surprising twist
2. Miller & Chevalier come up with a Mid-year FCPA recap
3. We finally weigh in on the News Corp. fiasco.