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Episode #22, plus a Breakout on Training

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Show  Notes:

  1. Debate of the use of DPAs in the UK (18 minutes): starts at 1:25
  2. Freeport-McMoRan, United Steelworkers, and paying for police protection (10 minutes): starts at 19:28
  3. Embraer (6 minutes): starts at 29:26
  4. Tognum resignation (3 minutes): starts at 35:20
  5. Dadeleh bail (3 minutes): starts at 37:51
  6. Allianz (3 minutes): starts at 40:10


Full episode:


[vimeo w=500&h=400]


————————Breakout Session Below——————————–


Breakout on Training: total time is about 14.

[vimeo w=500&h=400]


Episode #12, Part I

In Miller & Chevalier,News Corp.,Opinion Release on July 19, 2011 by Howard@OpenAir

Apologies for the technical issues last week. They recurred, but I was able to salvage the intact video for part I of episode #12. We’ll post part II Tuesday morning.Show notes:

1. Rehashing the opinion release from last week, with a surprising twist
2. Miller & Chevalier come up with a Mid-year FCPA recap
3. We finally weigh in on the News Corp. fiasco.


Episode #11 of This Week in FCPA

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UNFORTUNATELY, THERE IS NO VIDEO UNTIL ABOUT THE 20:00 MINUTE MARK.  Even then, I lost Tom’s video feed, so you only get me. Many apologies for the technical difficulties.  Also, we accidentally recorded the pre-show, so you get a sneak peak behind the scenes of what we sound like (for about 2:28) before we officially start the show.  Lots of technical issues this week, for which I apologize.

You can hear just the audio at

Show notes:
1.  Mistrial!  The Shot Show case
2.  Opinion Release 11-01.
3.  ICE returns!
4.  Australia brings its first case, with some international help
5.  Ministerial resignations: what does this mean for your program
6.  DOJ investigates SEC: the ultimate in inside baseball
7.  Johnson Controls names a new VP-Compliance, their first.  Welcome to the party, pal!

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